Brett Westgrove To Headline Massena’s “Rockin’ The River” August 3rd With Explosive Performance Featuring His New Single, “Memory Burns Like Whiskey” 

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[Nashville, TN] — The music scene is buzzing as rapidly rising Nashville artist Brett Westgrove announces new tour dates, including his headlining performance at Rockin’ The River in Massena, NY, alongside the release of his new single “Memory Burns Like Whiskey” to Country and Top 40 radio. Westgrove’s newest release is a genre-blending anthem that seamlessly weaves together elements of country, rock, and pop, creating a riveting narrative around the universal theme of navigating painful memories and the lingering scars of lost love. Produced by Westgrove himself, this powerful track radiates with his exceptional songwriting abilities and infectious energy, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. The track overflows with addictive melodies, irresistible cadences, and emotionally charged storytelling—qualities that have garnered praise from fans fortunate enough to have experienced an early version of the song during Westgrove’s final leg of his 2023 tour. His ability to convey raw, authentic emotions through music solidifies Westgrove’s mastery in creating songs that deeply resonate with his audience. 

In a recent interview, Westgrove stated, “2024 is going to be a record year for the Westgrove camp and I couldn’t be more excited than to add Massena to my list of stops for the summer. One of my favorite parts of doing what I do is traveling to new places and meeting all the amazing people I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet.” Available on all major social media and streaming platforms now, “Memory Burns Like Whiskey” marks an exhilarating new chapter in Brett Westgrove’s rise in the country music world. Westgrove and band will take to the Rockin’ The River stage with his electric combination of originals and covers on the evening of August 3rd, 2024.

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